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TK Platinum P1 Hockey Stick Karachi - Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

  • TK Platinum P1 Hockey Stick  Karachi
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Name: P h g
City: Karachi
State: Sindh
Country: Pakistan
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Detail: Type: Sports Type: Hockey DynanoTex TechnologyDynanoTex Technology is a purification process for dry carbon fibre strands. A 24K carbon fibre strand (containing 24,000 carbon fibres) is separated and precision tension rolled to achieve almost 80% alignment in the fibres. This increases the strand width to 15mm from the typical 6 - 7mm seen in more widely used carbon fibre left in a more roughly bundled state. The result is an increase in the performance of each strand to near 100% of potential fibre strength, thereby improving shear and tensile strength to reduce twisting and flexing on impact and increase the level of energy transfer through the ball. Integrated Dampening System (IDS)IDS is an anti-vibration measure. TK implant a piezo-electric fibre cell within the structure at the start of the handle, which converts the vibration wave firstly to an undetectable electric signal and then heat energy. Until now it had been an accepted compromise that extreme stiffness removed any natural absorption of shock that twisting/flexing brings, resulting in less feel on the ball. Those days are gone, thanks to IDS. Late BowEvenly balanced with a 25mm bow, the apex of which is moved towards the head to create greater drag force and sharper angles in the lower section of the stick. This shape principally aids dynamic ball control and multi-directional dribbling as well as drag flicking and aerial passing, but still performs basic ball movement skills well. Matt/Hi-gloss combination finish Specification:90% carbon, 10% aramid 6-month manufacturer's warranty

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