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Henry: special needs maltipoo Austin - Austin, Texas, United States

  • Henry: special needs maltipoo  Austin
  • Henry: special needs maltipoo  Austin
  • Henry: special needs maltipoo  Austin
Price: $50.00
Name: Anonymous
City: Austin
State: Texas
Country: United States
Phone No: 325 665-4087
Address: 325 665-4087
Detail: I rescued Henry from an owner on craigslist who described her malti-poo puppy as "retarded." After taking him to a vet, I discovered that he was simply 90% blind and terribly malnourished. My mom nursed him back to health and he is now a super soft beautiful 4lb maltipoo puppy with up to date shots. He spins occasionally, but it seems that he is just checking his surroundings. He is approximately 6 months old and is so pretty. He is white with hints of apricot. He likes to lay in your arms and will tug on the bottom of your jeans when he finds them. He likes the outdoors and will prance around outside and sleep in the sun. He is potty trained for the most part. He still has a few accidents here and there. He never really barks, but does seem to growl as a form of communication (like when he wants to be put down, or is hungry). He cannot really play, but likes to explore outside. We can foster him until he finds a home. He is in Abilene, TX now but can easily be brought to Austin or Houston if a family who is home frequently and can be patient can take him. An apartment would not be a good home for Henry. He probably wouldn't ever be able to walk on a leash to be taken out, and he seems to love laying in the sun in the backyard. I am asking for a $50.00 donation to Austin Pets alive to ensure that whoever takes Henry is serious about caring for a dog with special needs. Please contact me if you have any questions!

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