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PHP Course Via Skype & Team viewer Karachi - Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

  • PHP Course Via Skype & Team viewer  Karachi
Price: On call
Name: shariqchahduary
City: Karachi
State: Sindh
Country: Pakistan
Phone No: 00923310493211
Detail: Subject/Skill: PHP Course PHP is an open source, server-side web-scripting language that is compatible with all the major web servers (most notably Apache) and databases. By the help of PHP code you can create dynamic website content. Dynamic Web sites are flexible applications than merely sites. If you know HTML, but you have no experience in the field of programming, you can easily learn PHP and MySQL with the help of this course. This course starts from the most simple, explaining the operations of the PHP language, and then move on to detail how to create PHP programs, how to load the PHP scripts, and to the final approach more complex items, such as SQL commands, working with MySQL database, using classes and OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in PHP. .Get in touch for further discussions My gmail id is shariqchahduary skype id is shariqchahduary cell no 0092- 3310493211

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